Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am a big believer in helping yourself by helping others, so when I discovered the social shopping site THISNEXT I thought it was the perfect way to not only highlight my hand crafted items but those of others I like as well. If you haven't checked out this website please do, I think you'll find it as fun and easy to do as I have. I am always in search of great products I want to buy for myself, my family, or my grandaughters and this is one way to keep a list all together in just one place. No more researching for several hours trying to figure out just where I saw that cute little something something at, anymore!

Pink Penny lil Hoot by ManicMuffinTotes on Etsy

Pink Penny lil Hoot by ManicMuffinTotes on Etsy

What a hoot! (Pun intended) Owls are so big right now and the attention to detail on this and her other items really make these stand out!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Grammas House

I had chose the title At Gramma's House with the babies in mind. I want Gramma's house to always be a fun place to visit with lots of unique and fun things to do. I am taking my que from my daughter's step-grandma. Her name is Margaret and she was an awesome friend and mother in law as well. She taught me how to quilt, how to dye easter eggs using onion skins, and also how to bake pies--that year we made 13 for our Christmas dinner, we were having so much fun we just kept going and going and going. She always gave us the most unique gifts, like the "hers and hers" antique monogrammed pillowcases she gave my then middle school aged daughter. She simply stated she was too young to have a his and hers, and we all laughed at her cleverness. Anyway, I lost Margaret in a divorce 8 years ago, I would have negotiated her in the divorce contract, but I thought her son probably needed her more than I, so I gave in. I actually really only lost her when she moved to Virginia a couple years ago, I hate to travel and therefore I doubt I will ever see her again, but she will always hold a special place in my heart.

Anyway, today I was thinking about how Gramma's house is for sale and who knows what our next house will even look like--could be an apartment over the shop until we find just the right place. You would think finding a house would be easy, I think statistically in Fort Wayne 3 out of every 10 homes are currently vacant, but alas we go in search every weekend and nothing feels like "home". I find it very sad to walk into a home that someone once loved, only to see it in total disrepair simply out of frustration of the previous owner losing it in a foreclosure. I can't tell you the number of times we have searched the internet, thought we found a great home that is well decorated and obviously happily lived in, only to arrive to a now foreclosed property that has been totally trashed by an angry individual. It saddens me to see doors torn off hinges, holes knocked in the walls, and God only knows what has caused the stains on all the carpets. Some of the houses, well most of the houses, I have to hide my nose in the neck of my shirt because the smell is so bad. And we aren't looking at bottom of the barrel priced homes either!

Last week we found a gem, the owner is still living there but we learned on our way there he is about to lose it. He is the last on our list so we play tag with his Realtor, first he can show it only after 2 (we asked for a morning appointment), then he can't show it at all, two hours later he guesses he will let us come thru in the afternoon...When we arrive on time, we are met at the door by a female informing us he is still in the shower and we should wait in our vehicle until they are gone. (Indiana in the wintertime, very cold, snow on the ground, snowing now, did I mention very cold?)

When we can finally enter, the first thing that catches my eye is an imprint of someone's fist in the drywall next to the front door--nice. Keep in mind the house is only 6 years old. Next, is the kitchen where we see at least 75 very large Vodka bottles on display--maybe the reason he can't afford his mortgage payments? A knee sized hole in the laundry room and 6 or 7 other fist holes in various rooms thru out the home. Somehow I felt better when I saw the large hole in his king sized tv, I thought well at least it isn't just the house he delves his anger on. This one is off the list simply because we could never trust the depth of his anger when the sheriff serves him his final papers.

What was suppose to be a fun adventure in finding our new home together has turned into more of an unwanted chore I am afraid. Our realtor wanted to take us back out next week, and I have decided to wait, three weeks in a row is just too much and I am actually looking forward to a trip to Cabella's instead!

Friday, January 1, 2010

In 2010

I really don't believe in New Year's Resolutions but I like to spend time reflecting this time of year on the past year and visualize positive changes for the new year.

  • I guess I should start with the fact that 2009 wasn't a great year for a career--in fact, it's the first year in my life that I hadn't been employed at all! Commission sales and a poor economy do not mix. This year I hope to find something that I can rely on for a steady and good income, whether it involve my art or a career in or outside my home.
  • Learning mom truly has Alzheimers and that she is getting worse--I hope we will have many more years with her where she is coherent enough to accept our love and be able to watch the babies grow. I want this year to be a year of mending hurt feelings, a time for forgiveness, patience, and understanding.
  • Getting married--This year I am marrying Lowell, poor guy lol.
  • Carsyn and Lydia--The best thing that happened in 2009, being a grandmother is such a blessing and I look forward to watching those babies grow this year and what fun that will be!
  • Crafting and Art--Hopefully I will find a way to make it profitable in 2010! I never really liked the term starving artist but I sure understand it.
  • Let me be a better person in 2010, I am not perfect by any means but please God help me to help others and be a better friend, mate, mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister to all those that I love.
  • Is there any hope for procrastination?
  • No pun intended for the above question, but I will add to this list at a later date or dates...