Friday, January 1, 2010

In 2010

I really don't believe in New Year's Resolutions but I like to spend time reflecting this time of year on the past year and visualize positive changes for the new year.

  • I guess I should start with the fact that 2009 wasn't a great year for a career--in fact, it's the first year in my life that I hadn't been employed at all! Commission sales and a poor economy do not mix. This year I hope to find something that I can rely on for a steady and good income, whether it involve my art or a career in or outside my home.
  • Learning mom truly has Alzheimers and that she is getting worse--I hope we will have many more years with her where she is coherent enough to accept our love and be able to watch the babies grow. I want this year to be a year of mending hurt feelings, a time for forgiveness, patience, and understanding.
  • Getting married--This year I am marrying Lowell, poor guy lol.
  • Carsyn and Lydia--The best thing that happened in 2009, being a grandmother is such a blessing and I look forward to watching those babies grow this year and what fun that will be!
  • Crafting and Art--Hopefully I will find a way to make it profitable in 2010! I never really liked the term starving artist but I sure understand it.
  • Let me be a better person in 2010, I am not perfect by any means but please God help me to help others and be a better friend, mate, mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister to all those that I love.
  • Is there any hope for procrastination?
  • No pun intended for the above question, but I will add to this list at a later date or dates...

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