Monday, December 14, 2009

Blogging, Crafting, and Paying Bills...

Just finished reading the book BLOGGING FOR BLISS by Tera Frey, and I couldn't wait to sit down at my computer and start reading all of the great blogs she highlighted there! What a great inspiration this book turned out to be, and I am even thinking of taking some classes this winter to get my certification in web design, just because it has been such a challenge for me to figure out how to create my own attractive web site to show and sell my art and being the starving artist that I am it is impossible to even think about spending the kind of money it takes to get a site done professionally.

Oh well, I am looking forward to getting my business going this coming year and devoting more time to my own blog. I do all types of arts and crafts but I am currently working alot with scrap papers. More about that in an upcoming blog! If anyone has good advice for this newbie please feel free to leave a comment, your help would be much appreciated!

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